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A film by Günter Schwaiger | 2005 | 65 min | Digi Beta | Color | stereo | Letterbox


One locality, Santa Cruz de la Salceda, is taken as an example. In 1936, nine residents were murdered by supporters of the band of the dictator Franco. Some of these victims were exhumed, and laid to rest, in 2003 and 2004.

The impact of the massacre at that time on the people, and the enormous repression which followed it, leaving its aftermath down to the present time, is portrayed through witnesses and family members, exhumation volunteers and technicians, and the residents themselves of Santa Cruz who, even today, are torn between oblivion, fear and the wish once and for all to heal a wound which has now weighed too long on their memory. This is contrasted with the beauty of the Castilian landscape, in whose soil the pain of many more places with a history similar to that of Santa Cruz lives on.


Directed and edited: Günter Schwaiger
Photography and sound: Hermann Peseckas
Idea y Conception: Hermann Peseckas y Günter Schwaiger
Production assistance: Cristina Alía
Produced by Günter Schwaiger P.C.
Supported by Land Salzburg Kultur- Bundeskanzleramt (Austria)

Mariano Gómez Iglesias, Trinidad Miguel Abad, Concha Arroyo Miguel, Carlos Miguel, Luis Gonzalo Martínez Arranz, Juanita Martínez Langa, Florencio Martín, Luis Mariano Gómez , Elisa Ramiro Ramiro, Martín Miguel Langa , Florentino Martín Arranz, Cirilo Miguel Ramiro, Felisa Sanz, Marcelino García, Ibai Gómez Sertutxa, Aurelio Gómez Iglesias, Arsenio Arroyo, Domingo Llorente Sancho , Lourdes Herrasti, José María Rojas, Dr. Francisco Etxeberria Gabilondo, Inge Ruiz, Ibai Gómez Sertutxa, Maddi Garmendia Fernando Arroyo Miguel, Mª Cruz Torres López, Socorro Arranz Martín


Förderpreis für Kultur der Stadt Salzburg